Hello Beautiful! Welcome to Give Her Everything! Your hair goals are on their way to leveling up with our products that have been curated to provide you with GHE Hair: GROWTH, HAIR RETENTION & EASY HAIR CARE ROUTINE. We are very grateful to have you as a customer and know that you will achieve your desired results with our products and tools. Our story is comprised of a long history of growing to love and take care of our hair through trial and error. Like many curl-stories, our hair-story began with a BIG CHOP! After more than a decade, we’ve developed a regime and routine that has proven to grow, maintain, and retain our natural hair. Sounds like happily ever after, but it’s all in making sure we are using our products to continue to reach our wildest hair dreams.

We know that hair maintenance can be a hassle. By following and trusting in our products and process, especially on the infamous “Wash Day,” we can save you time and energy with tools and kits that are one click away. Learn more about our hair routines and tips and shop away!

Christina is a beauty entrepreneur hailing from Atlanta, GA, one of the world’s hair and beauty industry havens. Christina has delved into entrepreneurship since she was a young teen and has maintained her desire to operate a business and deliver products that she truly believes in. Her passion for designing natural hair tool kits and tips spurred from sheer experience with her own hair. Now, Christina wants to share her tools and routines with women and men with all natural hair types and textures and develop the line further for a variety of styles and needs. While no expert, self-research, and experience have landed Christina into the hair industry with hopes of growing a GHE hair community that strives to inform and transform.